The Intelligent Parking App that car drivers may use to know the available parking lots in their desired location and book parking slots before reaching there. The application uses the Internet, GPS, Maps, and Payment Gateways to execute this process.


Out-of-Box solution for monitoring and managing the geriatric health care enviornment


Utility Services used for monitoring the consumption of environmental parameters like Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, atmospheric humidity and temperature. The system will alert the back end and supporting systems to take appropriate action against a threshold limit. It  has the extensive capability to manage the environmental disasters and effective  followups.


elPARK is a wireless long-range, low-power geomagnetic surface mounting sensor based parking solution for smart parking management for urban area. elPARK sensor detects vehicle maneuvers in place of installation. Advanced noise reduction techniques filter electromagnetic interference or false events . Easy installation by adhesive fixing to the road surface and low power consumption ensures D-type lithium battery life for over 5 years ensuring near zero maintenance


Gateway Supporting to the Indian frequency. Use of LoRa protocol with extraordinary signal range built on ELVICTO gateways and sensors provide data acquisition from a wide area with great accuracy

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