Multi-level parking (MLP) on an IoT will assist the driver to find vacant spaces in a real time parking. The product will help parking owners to improve their facilities inside car parking area to effectively guide the car drivers to a vacant parking slot inside car parking area.

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Many people have already adopted wearable devices to help monitor exercise, sleep and other health habits – and these devices are only scratching the surface of how IoT impacts health care. Patient monitoring devices, electronic records and other smart accessories can help save lives.

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Smart meters not only collect data automatically, they make it possible to apply analytics that can track and manage energy use. Likewise, sensors in devices such as electricity and water meters may use Metering and management for revenue assurance and customer care. This also enables efficient energy utilization.

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Ubiquitous service Delivery Platform(UDP)

For the parking instance, the Mobile or Internet Data service provides the data service. In addition to that there are other parties like Smart City authorities, Police Force, IoT device manufactures and Revenue Assurance systems are also associated for the integration of service. Since there are multiple parties associated, an un-interrupt service the monitoring, revenue assurance and revenue reconciliations are managed by ubiquitous service delivery platform (UDP).


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